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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ay, oh, way to go Ohio -- Obama is re-elected. And Hope, too.

I'll have more to say about this in a future post, but Obama now has the opportunity to be a truly transformative president.  As the economy improves under his watch, the Affordable Care Act is implemented, and US troops leave Afghanistan, his signal first term accomplishments have the change to be truly historic with a full 8 years.

And what would have happened had Obama lost?  Not only the reversal of what he did, but a rollback of the New Deal too.

And now -- Supreme Court appointments, immigration reform...labor law reform?  Minimum wage indexed to inflation?  A truly fair deal on the deficit?  Global warming legislation?  Universal pre-?


Who knew that 47% was a majority?

Andrew Sullivan nails it:

This election, to my mind, is immensely more important than the breakthrough of 2008, after the catastrophe of Bush-Cheney. What it has done is rip open the complete epistemic closure on the Republican right about what America now is. It has revealed that Fox News, Drudge, and the rest have been engaged in a massive propaganda campaign to create an alternative reality and get the rest of us to go along. Americans saw this. They were not fooled. And they made the right call, as they usually do. What was defeated tonight was not just Romney, a hollow cynic, but a whole mountain of mendacity and delusion. That sound you hear is the cognitive dissonance ringing in the ears of ideologues and cynics. Any true conservative longs for that sound, the sound of reality arriving to pierce through fantasy and fanaticism.

We are the ones we have been waiting for. And now we have entrenched it deeply in the history of America and the world. That matters. May the next four years make it matter even more.

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